Titan P22 Powerchair

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Titan P22 Powerchair

• Height-adjustable swivel seat features fold-down backrest
• Includes interchangeable color panels in red and blue
• Seat back reclines and features adjustable headrest
• Adjustable-length controller mount
• Armrests are padded, adjustable, and removable
• Solid, flip-up footplate with adjustable height,
• Positioning belt included
• Programmable controller
• Anti-tip wheels

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Titan P22 Powerchair

The Titan P22 Powerchair is a comfortable and portable ride for users seeking a ride that’s great for indoor and outdoor use. You are able to move the joystick from the right side to the left. Plus the back reclines which helps take pressure off the lower back. Along with that the headrest also adjusts to help support your neck.

What Features come with the Titan P22 Powerchair

The Titan P22 Powerchair comes with a seat that allows you to change the seat cushions. This is great if a person needs a cushion that helps with skin protection. Plus there are pressure relieving cushions that are sold separately. The seat is removable when needed to be transported.

The Drivetrain on the Titan P22 Drive Powerchair

The Titan P22 Powerchair comes with a front-wheel drive train and has 10” tall flat free tires on the front with anti-tipping stoppers. The rear tires are 3” tall and also are flat free. With  the drivetrain under the user’s center of gravity this helps when making turns. This makes the chair extremely stable and gives it great performance.

Warranty info on the Titan P22 Powerchair

The Titan P22 Powerchair comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on Frame As for the electronics and drive train it comes with a 24 Month Limited Warranty. The Batteries come with a 12 Month Limited Warranty. All of these features are packed into this simple clean-looking power chair it is truly affordable.

What is the Shipping Timeline?

Orders ship out with in 2 to 3 days once order is confirmed. See our Refund Policy

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What makes the Titan P22 Powerchair such a great deal?

The Titan P22 Powerchair also comes with armrests that are padded, adjustable and removable. Plus the arm on the joystick is able to slide back and forth to find the perfect arm length. Plus the joystick is programmable.

Titan P22 Powerchair

We have what you are looking for. Affordable Titan P22 Powerchair for you or a loved one. And for those who wish to purchase and need help, we are able to offer you credit through Paypal Credit through their check out payment processor.  When looking for the best at affordable prices we are here to help you. We strive in to make you needs and satisfaction top priority. We are here to help you with your mobility needs. 

Titan P22 Powerchair

The Titan P22 Powerchair comes with a solid foot plate. The footplate is height adjustable and this helps to find the perfect fit to keep your legs comfortable. This footplate also flips up when needed to be transported.

Titan P22 Powerchair

We also offer affordable foldable Titan P22 Power Seat.  They are very dependable and strongly built. The frames come with limited life time warranties. This is why we chose this model. They come from manufacture that is reliable and a company of their word. They are like Amador Medical when say we will honor it, we honor it. Customer satisfaction is key to our business.

Smooth and Reliable Rides!

This portable motorized rolling chair we offer are very reliable and remarkable easy to set up. The are easy to take apart when you need to transport. The are easy to maneuver around when in your home. The joystick is easy to move and respond fantastically this provides for smooth turns. The turning radius is rated at 25″ so it works great in small arears.

Sturdy Constructions

They come made of sturdy materials and will hold up to 300 pounds. These was built to help person to be able to take on a trip.

Shipped To Your Door

When this lightweight motorized seat arrives at your door. Will get you or a loved one where they need to get to.

Manufacture Warranties

This motorized rolling seat comes with a limited manufacture. Naturally things like running over it with a car is not covered.

The Titan P22 Powerchair


When you purchase this Titan P22 Powerchair we have. Not only will you save money you will be a portable motorized ride.

Customer Satisfaction

Help people who are Disabled move around in their homes. Not only do they help in the home they help in stores.

Best in its Class

This portable motorized seat are able to be taken apart quickly and transported. and Easy to put back together.

We are able to help you with your mobilelity needs and a Titan P22 Powerchair will help you!

We offer some of the most durable DME on the market. These are rough and tough Titan P22 Powerchair. We only offer models that will last of the course of time. We find this is important as we want our customers to be happy with their purchase. This is key to our business. Customer satisfaction is key to customer relationships. We also offer accessories and replacement parts for the model of you chose to purchase.

We have different options for Titan P22 Powerchair!

You are in the right spot. Amador Medical is here to help you get the best prices possible. We are able to get affordable motorized rides too. We are able to ship directly to you. We are also able to ship to a loved one anywhere in the USA.  Plus for shipping is included!


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